Monday, August 18, 2008


Hotel-Style turkey was on sale for 99 cents/lb. at Johnny's Foodmaster. Yes, I know I live in an apartment, but why not add some Hotel-Style class to the day. When I brought it home, Amy Clay started shouting "Hotel-Style, Hotel-Style, bring me some Hotel-Style!" and galloping around the house and slapping herself on the thigh like she was riding her own horse.

Apparently, Hotel-Style is when they keep the wing attached to the breast. I am not sure if that is how hotels would serve it, or if it is because hotels have wings attached to an atrium, or if it is just kind of hotel-ish to add some kind bonus to your turkey. Maybe Hotel-Style turkey is the culinary equivalent of getting free soap. The only problem is I have never seen Amy Clay galloping around shouting "Free Soap, yeeehaaaw!" so I am not sure that is a good explanation at all.

So I improvised a brine out of mango nectar, rice vinegar, salt and fresh basil from my buddy's garden. I bathed it overnight and roasted it on the hottest afternoon so far this year. I probably should have smoked it on the grill. The little pop out jobby decided not to work, and lacking a meat thermometer, I had to guess when it was done. Perhaps Hotel-Style has something to do with making one think there's an easy solution when really one is left to guesswork. As in Hotel-Style furniture assembly, always a breeze.

Or perhaps Hotel-Style is just some term to get you to try something new or buy into some different idea or concept . . . like blogging. So here I am, about to eat a Hotel-Style turkey and serving up a brand new Hotel-Style blog. Ard Marks . . . smells good.

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